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Stainless Steel Polish - Sheila Shine

Sheila Shine Metal Cleaner & Polish

Metal Cleaner & Polish

Sheila Shine metal polish / stainless steel polish removes greasy film, water marks. Resists finger prints and streaking. Preserves the surface against deterioration of any kind.

Sheila Shine Re-invents Quality You Can See

The World's Finest Stainless Steel polish & Surface Preservative, Sheila Shine does all the work. it polishes and protects stainless steel, Formica, porcelain. Removes grease, film, watermarks, finger-marks, covers scratches, leaves a hard protective coating that preserves the surface against deterioration of any kind.

Where can you use Sheila Shine?

  • Use it in your home: kitchens, counter tops, stove tops, cabinets, bathroom fixtures (metal and porcelain), window and door fixtures (including kick plates).
  • Use it on your boat: all metal and aluminum fixtures/fittings, towers, fiberglass, instrument panels, even your fine teak decking and other woodwork.
  • Use it at the office: work stations, desks, shelving, elevators, doors and knobs, all hard surfaces including most office machines.
  • Use in hospitals: corridors, nurses stations, elevators, etc.
  • Use anywhere: Any hard surface that needs cleaning and protection in one simple step.


How to use Sheila Shine?

A little Sheila Shine goes a LONG WAY. Apply Sheila Shine lightly with a clean cotton cloth. Use sparingly, removing any excess with a dry cloth. No rubbing or polishing required. You will get unbelievable results with very little effort.



Available in the convenient aerosol can or the economical quart or gallon container.

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